Should You View the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile before an interview?


The answer is Yes.

In fact, we would suggest that this is an absolute must. Looking at an interviewer’s LinkedIn is a key part of your interview preparation. Understanding who you are speaking with is going to put you ahead of other candidates interviewing for the same role, and place you in a stronger position to secure the role.

When reviewing the interviewer’s LinkedIn profile, the key outcomes here are to try and get an understanding about their current role, their background and interests, and in addition, there is also value in reviewing and researching their posts and likes within LinkedIn.

It is important to note that the interviewer may see that you have been looking at their profile. This is a positive outcome since it indicates to the interviewer that you are prepared, and are taking the necessary steps and interest to put yourself in the best possible position to secure the job opportunity.

During the interview process, rather than specifically calling out that you have looked at the interviewer’s profile, consider the key calls outs from the profile and tap into this knowledge to steer the conversation in a beneficial direction and to help the conversation run smoothly.

To summarise, we actively encourage job seekers to view an interviewer’s profile as part of job interview preparation and due diligence, and it is something that is considered standard practice. A great comparison within our personal lives relates to going on a first date with someone we’ve never met – you want to know something about them before showing up and to know a little about their background.

By having this information to hand, you are able to focus on topics that are relevant to the specific person and this, in turn, will help the conversation to run smoothly. The same approach applies to interviews – preparation is key.

Diana Amado
JobNow Founder

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