If a job ad is in multiple platforms: Seek, LinkedIn, Company’s website, etc. where should I apply?


When you apply for a job advertisement, your resume and cover letter will be sent to the Company’s applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS is a software used to manage job applications and is typically used at large companies or at someone’s email (for small companies). As such it’s irrelevant where you apply.

Often hiring managers don’t know the origin of the job application, with only HR (the Human Resources Department) utilising the application platform to either track the best tool to use or alternatively for reporting purposes.

One thing to consider is that if you apply through multiple platforms for the same role; the relevant Company will receive your application multiple times. This is not advisable as it makes you look over keen and too eager to land the job.

With this in mind, JobNow’s recommendation is to apply for the specific role through one single platform, and most importantly, look for a friend, friend of a friend, or alternatively a LinkedIn connection within the Company, and send your CV through to them for a referral.

A referral is the most successful way to ensure the hiring manager receives your application and gets the opportunity to take a look at your CV.

Diana Amado
JobNow Founder

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