MIFF – Melbourne International Film Festival – a must event for winter!


This year the MIFF will launch its first digital festival broadcasting more than 110 Films, including 12 world premieres, 83 Australian premieres and 44 shorts and representing more than 65 countries. The Festival will run from Friday, August 6th to Sunday, 23rd of August and will stream all the films.

Here are 5 films to check out:

1. Ema – Closing Night Film
Showing the story of Gaston (Gael Garcia Bernal, we all love him!), a contemporary choreographer, and Ema (Mariana di Girolamo) a reggaeton dancer. The film features Ema’s self-discovery and a combination of art, desire and contemporary drama. Rotten Tomatoes have scored this movie at 91% a must-see!
Drama – Chile – in Spanish with English subtitles.

2. Black Bear
One of the favourite films by the ambassadors, this black comedy shows the story of a couple restoring their love and their spark with a real-life touch; apparently extraordinary!
Drama, Comedy – USA – Rotten Tomatoes – 88%.

3. Coded Bias
A documentary exploring how artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is failing to recognise black people, women and marginalise communities, mainly, because of the lack of diversity behind engineers and scientists creating those technologies.
Documentary – USA, UK, China and South Africa – IMDb 7.1/100.

4. Paper Champions
The story of Rey, a photocopier salesman who is looking for some “Mana” or “joie de vivre” and love in his life. Easy watching movie with the Australian comedy touch!
Comedy – Australia – IMDb 7.3/10

5. Identifying Features
Another pick in Spanish. The story of Magdalena, a mother looking for her son who has disappeared after he attempted to cross the US border. A story showing the drama of millions of migrants and their families.
Drama – IMDb – 7.8/10 – in Spanish with English subtitles.

The Festival also offers lots of free content, more than 45 films including Australian shorts and International short films, a great option for early nights or even for your lunch break if you are working from home.

Getting set up it’s really easy, first of all, have the popcorn ready, or ask your flatmate or better half to prepare it. Go to the MIFF website, select your film, create an account and you are all set to start enjoying the Festival. You can also pre-purchase the films not to miss out!

Enjoy the popcorn and the MIFF: MIFF websitehttps://2020.miff.com.au/

Diana Amado
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