How to get local work experience


It can be challenging to secure professional work in Australia because employers are looking for candidates with existing local work experience.

We’ve provided below some ideas to gain local work experience:

  • Consider registering with Employment Agencies to secure temporary work. Consultants can have fewer non-negotiable requirements to find the perfect candidate, particularly with short-term assignments. If you perform well during the short-term assignment, and are reliable with a good attitude, this can transition into a longer-term assignment. This is a brilliant way to build your network.
  • Reach out to Consultants. Be persistent with your approach and keep in regular contact. By staying in touch and making Consultant aware of your capabilities, you will be front of mind when there is a role available and an assignment to fill. Consultants will also love it if you are open to a number of different opportunities and broad in your approach. In this case, they may even have some existing roles available that they have been looking to fill.
  • Consider an internship. This will build your professional network, validate your professional experience in Australia and secure local experience. It’s also worth noting that internships can in some instances lead to a permanent role. With Australia’s current low unemployment rate, if you perform well during your internship and have a positive attitude, this may lead to a permanent role or a referral to a potential employer.
  • Create some local networks through volunteering, sport and hobbies. A good way to do this is through friends that you meet, and within that network, asking if anyone is aware of existing job vacancies. The majority of jobs are found through referrals. Further to this, employees are also more inclined to hire someone they know/comes recommended.
  • Connect with people in your profession through LinkedIn or networking events. This can include asking for advice on how your overseas experience translates and where you should start your search. At the same time try local cafes in Melbourne, invite them for a coffee.  There are plenty of professional networking sites and forums out there, go to meetups and check Eventbrite for free events. 

Diana Amado
JobNow Founder

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