3 movies to celebrate Reconciliation Week!

We have selected 3 movies to best celebrate reconciliation week.

Before we reveal these, let’s understand what is celebrated and learn some key facts of this week. 

Reconciliation Week is about acknowledging and remembering the mistakes of the past and making efforts to forgive and recognise Indigenous rights. It is also an opportunity to celebrate Australian heritage and culture. 

Sorry Day

Sorry Day is a day to remember and pay tribute to the indigenous children that were removed by force from their families. We call them the Stolen Generation. It has been celebrated on May 26 since a report called “Bringing Them Home” was presented in the Federal Parliament in 1997.


National Reconciliation Week takes place between May 27th and June 3rd. The history behind Reconciliation Week started on May 27, 1967, when a referendum was voted to include Indigenous Australians in the census; for the “first time Indigenous people were counted, not just as Australians, but as humans”. National Reconciliation Week ends on June 3rd when Australians commemorate the historic High Court judgement in the Mabo case, recognising native title in Australia. 

We have picked 3 movies to understand better reconciliation week and learn more about the Australian culture. 

1. Rabbit Proof Fence

Based on a true story, this film is set in 1931 and shows the sad story of 3 Indigenous children removed from their families and their journey to go back to their community. They walk more than 2,400 km to reunite with their families. The film illustrates the removal policy and the suffering of the Stolen Generations. It is available on Stan; I use the free 30 days trial!


2. The Sapphires

It’s a musical-comedy-drama that touches softly the subject of the Stolen Generations. Also based on a true story, It’s a fun movie, easy to watch about four Indigenous Australian women that form a music group “the Sapphires” and travel to Vietnam to sign to the US Troops. It’s a great film to discover more about the dynamics of Aboriginal families. Also available on Stan.


3. The Australian Dream

It’s the story of an AFL football star whose career was impacted by discrimination in the media, on the field and by the fans. A movie that shows discrimination against Indigenous Australians and how Adam Goodes creates a movement towards reconciliation. Adam Goodes was named Australian of the Year in 2014.A side note: you never know who you will meet by volunteering. I had the pleasure to meet Adam Goodes when I was volunteering for the Australian Numeracy and Literacy Foundation while he was supporting literacy programs for Indigenous Australians. Available in ABC iview.


Get the popcorn ready and enjoy the movies!

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