5 gift ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day this year


The story of Mother’s Day in Australia began with Mrs. Heyden in Sydney, who brought the tradition from the United States to give gifts to mothers on this day. She began by giving gifts to mothers at the Home for Destitute Women and Children, as well as to elderly mothers with kids close by. Over time this tradition became popular and people started to celebrate this day giving gifts and wearing a white flower.


Nowadays, the most common way for Australians to celebrate Mother’s Day includes having breakfast or dinner and for children to give their mother a gift. Families in Latin America and Spain also give gifts, but they will generally have lunch or dinner (instead of breakfast).


This year traditions will change a little, but you can still celebrate Mother’s Day trying these 5 creative ideas to celebrate this day with a Latin touch.


1. Virtual Class

Share this day with your mum having a virtual cooking class or by doing a Zumba or yoga class.


2. Send flowers

Visit one of the best flower shops in Melbourne, Flawless Flowers in the Prahran Market, with Latin music and smiling staff. Check out their website: https://www.flawlessflowers.com.au/


3. Try a Milloha

Give your Mum a milloha, a traditional dessert with dulce de leche or Arequipe in Latin-American or with cream in Spain. Diana and Jorge prepare the best Milloha in Melbourne. You can order on their website: https://www.milloha.com.au/


4. Eat a traditional Latin-American Lunch

Order a traditional lunch with the help of Diego and his team of Cento Mani. Traditional dishes include the classics such as ajiaco, bandeja paisa and empanadas. You can place your order here: https://www.centomani.com.au/


5. Give her a Romantic Night

After the kids go to bed, you can give your wife or partner a romantic night with the beautiful designs of Sensuala. Tatiana launched her virtual lingerie store in Australia. Visit her Instagram page for more details https://www.instagram.com/sensuala_aus/


If you don’t want the stress of delivery timeframes, you can still show your love to your mum or wife by handcrafting a gift or meal, or by buying the perfect gift at David Jones. David Jones’ main stores are open during the lockdown, and they can deliver to your doorstep.


We wish all the mothers out there a very happy Mother’s Day!


Diana Amado

Founder of JobNow Group

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