The Queen’s Birthday !


The Queen’s Birthday is celebrated in Australia as a public holiday


Most Australians will normally enjoy the long weekend shopping, skiing or going to the football. But let’s understand a bit more about this public holiday. 


Why is Queen’s day celebrated in Australia? 

Australia is a Commonwealth nation with an official head of state, currently the Queen Elizabeth II. The custom of celebrating the Queen’s Birthday started in Australia in 1788 when for the first time, the reigning monarch King George III, declared it a public holiday. The holiday once symbolised the faith in the empire. However, the meaning of this celebration has lost its importance with time.


How to celebrate Queen’s Birthday this year?

I recommend watching the Crown, a Netflix TV show. I have already seen 3 seasons and I love it! It’s a Netflix original about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace and Britain. The story begins when she was a 25-year-old princess facing her destiny to become Queen. From there, this TV series explores the British royal family, their secrets, their personal and political challenges and in general the British history.


Really entertaining and easy to watch !


Happy Netflix weekend with the Crown!


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