First steps to look for work in Australia


New to Australia and unsure how to land professional work.

Landing the first professional work in Australia is not easy. Thousands of migrants arrive to Australia every month, all looking for an easy-going work-life balance. Unfortunately, It is not easy but neither impossible.

  • Be pragmatic! Depending on what you do, start your job search with organizations and industries that are similar to places where you have previously worked. Your dream job will be your second work in Australia. Also consider junior positions, the promotion will become after you demonstrate your value to the employer.

  • Be creative finding your job. You need to do an active search, responding to few online applications is not enough! Be persistent and curious. Send as many applications as you can. And don’t just email an application and hope for the best. What you really want to be doing is building relationships with recruiters and potential colleagues and employers. Picking their brains to understand the market and your profile. Be also a good listener! Use their feedback to refine your application and elevator pitch. 

  • Focus on your communication skills. You need to feel confident over the phone and talking to potential employers. Practice calling someone you trust, alone in front of the mirror and recording yourself. Ask them whether they can understand you and want to have a conversation with you. Also slow down, it would be easier to understand you and get your accent. Body language is also important, smile!

Diana Amado
JobNow Founder

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