5 Reasons why Internships are important for International Students?


So… What is an Internship?

An internship or a company placement is an opportunity to gain practical experience in a profession, to develop technical and soft skills and to build a professional network. Internships are offered to all International people when enrolling a course that has the option to do a company placement.

Ideally, you will spend a short period, normally between 3 to 6 months, gaining experience in your field, working on relevant projects and learning about the industry. Most importantly, internships even lead to job offers, and JobNow has a success rate of 76% of students landing a job after finishing their internships.

5 Reasons why you should do an Internship

1. Mix with locals and improve your English
Let´s be honest, many people go to an English-speaking country and never spend time hanging out with locals, practising English with natives and even getting involved in the local culture. While studying and living overseas will help you to improve your English, working with locals will force you to practice your English, learn professional slang and get further involved in the Australian culture.

2. You will boost your Resume
There is no doubt that doing an internship looks great on a CV. Either you are planning to develop your career in Australia or you are planning to go back to your home country, work experience and an international internship will always be impressive; you will develop your hard and soft skills, your communication skills and it will show commitment to your career and your adaptability.

3. Build your professional network
One of the major challenges for international people is to build a professional network overseas. It is completely understandable; it is difficult to make connections in your field or your industry if you don´t have any connections in the country. An internship allows you to easily meet people in your profession and discuss topics about the industry with your colleagues. You will be also able to understand your profession in Australia and discover your career path for the future.

4. Stop the professional gap in your Resume
Did you come to a foreign country for a short period and without noticing you have been overseas for years? You are not on your own, life happens, plans change, some of us love to travel and to avoid responsibilities. There is no shame in that! But if you feel serious about getting back to your career, do an internship, the recruitment process to land an internship is much easier than a full-time job and employers don’t expect the perfect candidate but instead a person with the right attitude to learn and to be part of the team.

5. Find a job
You have been applying for jobs and you don’t get any interviews or job offers? Instead of spending your time sending thousands of applications and emails that will most likely never reach a hiring manager, focus on getting the work experience and building the professional network that will help you not only to land a job but also to build a successful career!

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Diana Amado

JobNow Founder


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