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HR Consultant

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Networking, CV, Cover Letter, Career Profile, Job Search
Strategies, Interviewing, LinkedIn Optimisation, Human Resources,

About HR Consultant

Hi, I have over 7 years experience in Human Resources.
I have worked recruiting engineers, quality assurance officers, accountants, finance specialists, business analysts, pharmacists and sales managers in multiple industries including manufacturing,
pharmaceutical and consulting services. I know what companies look for when they are hiring. I also have experience managing human resources processes.

Here’s how I can help you:

  • Job search in Australia
  • Career profile and personal branding
  • Networking: connecting you with the right people
  • Resumes and Cover letter: writing, formatting and editing
  • LinkedIn: profile review and connecting with people
  • Interview preparations
  • Managing conflict at work
  • Career development
  • Human resources career

I am passionate about helping people to find meaningful and
fulfilling opportunities and I want to share all my experience and
knowledge to help people build their own path to achieve
professional success.